Jerry’s other side

Jerry is the quiet part of Baileys By the Sea.  Occasionally seen, rarely heard, so this picture give a better idea of the true Jerry!  A good Canadian which  means he was born on skates – hockey!  He came to college in the US on a full hockey scholarship (where he met me – another story).  Played pro/semi pro for a year after college & then went back to school to get 2 other degrees. But,  his love of hockey continued – and he continued to play in various leagues.  He coached a High School hockey team and brought them to their 1st state title!  Even after 2 hip replacements, he continued to play (although not as often & definitively not as fast!)  In March, he went to Ontario and played in a tournament with many of his college buddies.  They ended up winning the tournament even though they lost their 2nd game!  Hockey has been part of our lives for many years. Playing a team sport has helped shape him into the individual that he is – although, he is NOT as mild mannered on the ice!  Great picture of the “ol guys!  Jerry is on the bottom row, far right.

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