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Our Cape Cod Whales

One of the must see and do while on Cape Cod, is a whale watch.  Nothing can be as exciting as the first sighting of whales blowing after a deep sea dive or tail flukes flashing as they dive again.   Humpback whales with their calves, Minke, Finback & the endangered Right Whale are residents of […]

Blizzard of January 2015!

    One of the reasons we chose to live on Cape Cod was for it’s mild climate!   But,  this isn’t the case right now! I won’t bore you with the details of how much snow we have ,  I’ll let the pictures & video tell the story.  We also had a first today – 2 snowmobiles driving […]

The Unoffical Kick Off!

Memorial day is a perfect time to visit Cape Cod and Falmouth.  It’s the unofficial start of the season.  There is plenty to  see and do without the hustle and bustle of July & August.  The National Cemetery is decked out to honor  our fallen heros.  Our Main Street also shows it’s patriotic side.  Our beaches […]


Baileys opened for the season on May 1st.  Despite the weather,  we’ve had some great guests.   Those who have experienced Baileys know that I love to celebrate a milestone.  This weekend we had a birthday celebration & the gals did it in style.  The girls  have been friends since college.  I am thrilled that they chose […]

The Winter Woes

    When we first opened Baileys By the Sea, we were opened year round.  It became clear that we needed the quiet months to unwind & perform upkeep that couldn’t be done while accepting guests.  Those who really know me, know that it was because I wanted to be able to work on my golf […]

It Won’t be long!

This winter has been colder than normal and with more snow than normal.  I don’t know about you, but I’m so ready to think Spring.  Soon the snow will disappear from the yard & the flowers will appear!  How about you?   Are you ready?  Well maybe this will help.  Baileys has  decided to run a […]

Tis the Season!

Cape Cod is in the red – with Cranberries in full harvest!  

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