Hard to (be)leave…

From the moment we drove into the parking space at Baileys by the Sea, we were welcomed and treated like family by its owners, Liz and Jerry, by CJ, their lovley greyhound and Lily, their even lovlier neice.
Our stay at this gorgeous B&B was a series of pleasant moments, savoury food, and good times. Had we known it would be this great we would have booked a whole week. Alas, we only had three nights and four days to take in the beautiful Victorian and Japanese influenced decor, and the amazing closed porch which looked out to the ocean and presented a stunning view of the sunrise and Martha’s Vineyard off in the distance.
Mornings were a highlight at Baileys. Coffee was brewing from 6:30 am and the smell of Banana Bread wafting under our noses just pulled us out of our rooms and onto the porch. And of course, the wonderful Erica was there to welcome us, make us smile and give us a good kick start to a wonderful day ahead. The breakfasts were truly memorable and unlike any I have had in recent memory. This was no Denny’s breakfast alright. They were cooked, prepared and presented with as much love and authenticity as the actual building itself and those who run it.
A GEM of a place! We shall be returning… if we can get a reservation, that is! Thank you so very much for a pocketful of memories we will not soon forget!
‘Arigatou gozaimasu’ to Liz, Jerry, Lily, Erica, and CJ and congrats on such a wonderful thing you’ve got going….

Written by Guest