Blizzard of January 2015!

5 Ft 2!!

5 Ft 2!!



One of the reasons we chose to live on Cape Cod was for it’s mild climate!   But,  this isn’t the case right now! I won’t bore you with the details of how much snow we have ,  I’ll let the pictures & video tell the story.  We also had a first today – 2 snowmobiles driving right down the middle of Grand Ave! Jerry is really excited as he is planning to try out his new cross country skis tomorrow!  Remy, on the other hand,  is not as excited about the fluffy stuff!


Look at the bird feeder! Almost swallowed up by the drift!

Look at the bird feeder! Almost swallowed up by the drift!

Owners quarters snowed in!

Owners quarters snowed in!

Written by Liz Bailey

Liz Bailey

Liz Bailey is co-owner of Baileys by the Sea, a Cape Cod Bed & Breakfast in Falmouth, MA.


  • Glad you are safe! Good time to try new recipes for the season. Glad also that you posted, as I’ve been thinking about you three!

    • We’re fine….just totally snowed in! Remy hates the snow – I can’t say I like it all that much either! Jerry, on the other hand…loves the white stuff! You’re right about the recipes – opening will be here before I know it! Take care! Liz

  • We stayed with you a few summers ago as we took our son on a trip to the Boston area before college. We loved your place. We are back in Nebraska and are watching the weather you have been having. I am glad to see you are weathering it OK. Stay warm and we hope for a quick thaw!
    Hoping to return sometime soon.

    • Thanks for thinking of us! It’s been quite the week with threats of more snow coming! I think I need to move to Nebraska – our daughter lives in Omaha & she keeps complaining that there hasn’t been any snow! I’d gladly redirect! Would love to have you back! Liz

  • I stayed with you this summer and can’t believe the snow you are dealing with. I am in Syracuse which gets a lot of snow and we only have a few inches. I was thinking of you. Hoping to visit again soon! Take care!

    • Thanks for thinking about us! It’s really been a tough week. I usually joke about being able to golf year round here ! Not this year! I know this is going to end, but tomorrow wouldn’t be soon enough! Take care…stay safe & warm! Liz

  • Liz, please keep the snow, but let the sunshine shine all week when we come back in July. Please stay warm and safe, spring is right around the corner

    • Believe me when I say – No More Snow! Ever! I think we have used up the entire countries quotas this winter! July – can’t come to soon!

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