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Read More about the Biggest Slots Developers in the World

The world of online slots is ever growing with new games being released daily. This has led to several innovate young start-up companies being introduced to the industry in recent months, which exciting titles that are challenging the casino greats. However, this can make the world of slots somewhat confusing as you try to establish tried and tested titles created by well-known developers from the rest.

The world’s biggest and best slot developers typically offer a wide variety of games, and consistently release update versions of these games or new titles. These slots are generally compatible on a wide range of devices, including mobile. Let’s meet some of the leading global slot developers:


NetEnt’s slots have been leading the world of online gaming for several years. Dominating the industry, the Scandinavian based NetEnt offers some of the best slots in terms of gameplay and graphics.

They have also invested a significant amount of time and resources into their technology and product development and to being at the forefront of new online casino markets. Although they have their roots in slot development, NetEnt also offers a variety of table games to players as well as a back-end software for online casinos.


Playtech is one of the world’s oldest casino brands, celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2019. The brand which was originally founded in Estonia now headquarters in the Isle of Man. The company has built themselves up to be one of the world’s leading suppliers of gambling technology and software, with some of the world’s best slots in their offering.

Alongside slot development their diverse portfolio offering also includes virtual sports, poker, live casino and sports betting, alongside several retail-based services. They also offer white label software solutions to the online casino industry with their clients being some of the biggest operators in the industry. In addition, Playtech also operates TradeTech Alpha Limited, Quickspin and YoYo Games.

Microgaming Casino Software Developer


Also having their headquarters in the Isle of Man, Microgaming is not only a slot developer but one of the industry’s leading content aggregation platforms. Their portfolio features a variety of titles from a network of content partners. Microgaming is also credited with starting the world’s first online casino in 1994 and the first mobile casino in the world in 2004. The brand’s slots include popular branded games from the likes of Playboy, Game of Thrones and Jurassic World.

International Gaming Technology

International Gaming Technology (IGT) started off in the 1980s as a small video poker developer. Today the company is known as one of the leading developers of casino software. The brand is well-known for their Megabucks video slot, which was the first progressive jackpot machine in the world.

These machines are still popular in casinos in Las Vegas and around the globe. Like phone optimized the Australian Open bets from the wagering brands, IGT of course also offers a number of online slots which can be enjoyed on desktop or mobile, with many of their titles similar to those that can be found in land-based establishments.


What Kind of Smartphone Do You Need for Mobile Casino Games

When we track the technological progression of mobile devices and how far they’ve come in the last 20 years, it paints a picture of just how futuristic how society has become. While yesteryear’s phone was able to accomplish simple functions such as sending messages and making phone calls, today’s smartphone is capable of just about anything imaginable.

Reading emails, watching videos, reading books, instant messages, browsing the internet, and, of course, playing games. There has never been a better time to start enjoying mobile casino games. The only question that a budding player might ask is: which smartphones are best?

What We’re Looking for

Modern mobile casino games like at tend to be quite visually appealing, with some of them having plenty of 3D effects. This is why a player might want to try and get a phone that’s able to handle the graphical processing needed to render these games. Not all smartphones are equal in this regard, so aiming for those on the higher end might be beneficial. Current flagship devices ship with around 8GB of RAM on average, a large, Full HD screen, and plenty of storage space to hold as many games as possible. These are just general specs, however, and it’s always best to try and find dedicated gaming phones for the best experience possible.

RAZER Phone 2 Image

RAZER Phone 2

Razer is a well known gaming company that focuses on releasing hardware specifically designed to better the entire gaming experience, and their latest flagship is a testament to their many years in the industry. With a huge 5.7 inch screen with a resolution of 1440×2560 and 120hz refresh rate, it’s paired with a Snapdragon 845, it’s little wonder as to why the RAZER Phone 2 is currently among the very best gaming smartphones on the market. This phone would have no problem running even the most demanding casino games, making it a good choice, albeit a very expensive one.

New iPhone 12 Pro

The latest from Apple, the iPhone 12 Pro is a marvel of engineering, packing some of the very best hardware available into a great looking device. With a Super Retina HDR 6.1 inch screen, an A14 Bionic processor, 256 gigs of storage, and 4GB of RAM, the iPhone 12 Pro is an excellent choice for any scenario. While it’s not quite as powerful as the RAZER Phone 2, it should still be more than able to hand just about any kind of game that’s thrown at it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Apart from their range of foldable phones, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is Samsung’s most expensive and most powerful flagship offering, with some of the very best hardware that money can buy. With a 6.9 AMOLED screen and a Snapdragon 865+, the Note 20 Ultra is almost without equal. The S Pen that ships with the phone offers another way of interacting with games, overall making it a solid choice.

Understanding HTML5 Casino Games And How They Work

When we load up a website on our browser, everything that gives that site its structure is known as HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language. This is basically a type of language that our browsers are able to understand when they receive a specific piece of data. The current and most modern iteration of HTML is HTML5, which has now taken over from other formats, such as Flash Player.

Continue reading “Understanding HTML5 Casino Games And How They Work”

Richest Casino Moguls

We all know that the end goal of any bet or gamble is to win big, and sometimes when we’re lucky, we do exactly that. Something that we tend to forget is that the entire world of gambling is built on a game of risk and reward.

As with any business or start-up, entrepreneurs and investors need to join forces to solidify an idea and find a way to get the ball rolling. Consider this the initial bet. Funding is put into place to support the venture and all parties involved hold their breath as they wait to see if they can make a success of it or not. Continue reading “Richest Casino Moguls”

Marvellous Mice And Mega Rewards In Track and Field Mouse Slot

Track and Field Mouse, a cheeky, fun, 3 reel, 1 payline online slot from Microgaming, will take you to a track meeting where athletic mice are competing for first place on the podium. Don’t be fooled by the fun theme, though. This slot packs a punch with numerous special features, all packaged with great graphics and entertaining soundtrack. Continue reading “Marvellous Mice And Mega Rewards In Track and Field Mouse Slot”

Lucky Superstitions And Casino Psychology

Although it would certainly take a special type of scientist to even begin to consider the validity of a superstition, most casino employees would agree that there are some occurrences so unusual that luck must have been at play.

Scientists often explain these unusual events by arguing that every possible occurrence, no matter how unlikely, must eventually come to pass. This is perhaps part of the reason why so many gambling systems and strategies are based on the premise of making a bet on an event considered due – a phenomenon serious and professional gamblers refer to as the gambler’s fallacy. Continue reading “Lucky Superstitions And Casino Psychology”