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Weirdest Casino Games In Gambling Industry

Casinos are all about entertaining their patrons every step of the way, which may lead to the development of some rather unusual games – some of which even make their way onto the casino floor. While some of these games are really entertaining, others are just plain weird.

If you’ve never played tic-tac-toe with a chicken or placed bets on the Mad Hatter, you’re in for a treat.

  1. Dreidel

The dreidel is used by Jewish families in Hanukkah. It is a form of gambling that involves the four-sided spinner that players place wagers against. Casino game developers have taken note of this and turned it into a casino game and it’s really simple to play. You start by placing your wager into a betting pot in the middle of the table. Each player takes a turn to spin the top and claim their winning based on the side it lands on. The sides have been labelled as follows:

  • Nun – Nothing
  • Gimel – Everything
  • Hey – Half
  • Shin – Put in

Once the pot has been emptied, the game is over.

  1. Rodent Roulette

This game follows the same setup as normal roulette, but instead of a ball, a mouse or rat is used. The rodent is placed on the wheel with holes in it. If it goes into the hole the corresponds with your number, you win. This game is controversial as it is argued to be animal cruelty.

  1. Birdsong

This game is rather weird, but Belgium player’s love it. Gamblers place bets on birds, looking to determine which one will sing the loudest, and in some cases, which one will sing for the longest. The game involves live birds in cages that take turns singing, however, they are not trained to sing on cue which means that you will need to be patient and wait for your little bird to sing.

  1. Fan-Tan

Fan-Tan is a traditional Chinese gambling game that originated in the 1800s. It involves a flat surface, a cup and plastic trinkets that can include beads – although any other small objects can be used as well. A cup of the plastic beads or objects is thrown out onto a table. Players need to place a wager on the number that corresponds with the number of objects left on the table after removing some of the beads and then splitting them into four groups.

  1. Pachinko

This game is a type of slot machine that features anime characters. Each game features strange slot combination as well as a pinball machine. The aim is to land the silver pinballs in one of the designated holes to receive a pay-out. Each pay-out release more steel balls, increasing the value of your pay-out.

It’s All In Good Fun

When it comes to gambling, you need to take it as it comes. It’s a journey that involves wacky games, intense players and, of course, the wins and the losses.