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Introduction To Online Blackjack Tournaments

Online Poker tournaments no longer need any introduction. By contrast, online Blackjack tournaments remain somewhat of an industry secret. For this reason, many online Blackjack enthusiasts aren’t even aware that these types of tourneys are available – let alone the basics of how to play in such a tournament.

Since few online gaming and entertainment sessions pack quite as fun a punch as tourneys, we’ve put together a basic introduction to online Blackjack tournaments.

Two Basic Setups

Online tourneys often span several rounds and days of play. For this reason, those interested in making the most of online Blackjack tournaments should prepare themselves mentally and physically for the “long haul”.

The first round of an online tourney sees every player starting out with an equal amount of chips with which to play. Such is the nature of the progression of a tournament that the player in possession of the most chips at the end of a specific round will get to progress to the next round.

There are two basic online tournament setups or types: elimination and non-elimination. When participating in an elimination tourney, every player competes only against the other players seated at their online Blackjack table. The player who ultimately comes out on top of everybody else in terms of the number of chips held will be the only player advanced to the next round of the tournament. The top players from several tables will then compete until such time as only a single winner can be named.

In a non-elimination tournament, on the other hand, every player is right from the start competing against every other player enrolled for that tournament – across all participating tables. The goal here is to win as many chips as possible over a specific period of time.

Tournament Betting Strategies

Vital to remember is that when competing in an online Blackjack NZ tournament, the goal is always to make it to the next round. Required of every player will be to play in such a way that maximum value is derived from every single hand. Parting with giant-sized bets already at the beginning of a tournament in an attempt to get ahead will mostly lead to a situation of running prematurely out of chips.

The opposite is true also. Playing overly cautious and considerately all throughout may result in too few chips won in order to be promoted to the next round. The key is obviously working towards a more balanced approach.

Tips For Getting Started

  • Don’t leave registering too late. Remember that not unlike a brick-and-mortar Blackjack setup, your position at the table matters.
  • Know your fellow players. Though a fun and social affair, it’s important to keep in mind that an online Blackjack tournament is a competition. Keep an eye on the types and sizes of the bets made by those you hope to beat.
  • Know the importance of the final hand. Since how you emerge from the final hand will often mean the difference between progressing to the next round and falling out, players often become overwhelmed when the time comes to make final-hand decisions. Being aware of the importance of the final hand will help you be more mentally prepared and, as a result, more likely to make good final-hand decisions.