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Lucky Superstitions And Casino Psychology

Although it would certainly take a special type of scientist to even begin to consider the validity of a superstition, most casino employees would agree that there are some occurrences so unusual that luck must have been at play.

Scientists often explain these unusual events by arguing that every possible occurrence, no matter how unlikely, must eventually come to pass. This is perhaps part of the reason why so many gambling systems and strategies are based on the premise of making a bet on an event considered due – a phenomenon serious and professional gamblers refer to as the gambler’s fallacy.

Interesting however is that many professional gamblers recognise that some events simply cannot be explained away by science or mathematical probabilities, and that there are without a doubt influences at play that are beyond everyday human understanding. Also, that it’s not uncommon for Lady Luck to succumb to certain rituals or circumstances by looking especially favourably upon a specific player.

The Psychology Of Luck

Whether one believes in the sciences of parapsychology, Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP), precognition, etc. or not, few people are able to argue away the fact that people have been known to acquire knowledge about an event without the actual use of their five known and scientifically known senses.

Those interested in the field of ESP can often be heard arguing in favour of there being a definite and automatic connection between thought processes and actual physical outcomes. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as Psychokinesis, and a faculty many serious gamblers firmly believe they have. And experiments performed in the areas of ESP and Psychokinesis in actual brick-and-mortar casinos certainly support this notion.

Below are just some psychological factors that have been confirmed in a casino setup:

  • A relaxed demeanor generally yields more favourable results. This has led those interested in this type of research to believe that a positive and relaxed attitude is a prerequisite for success.
  • Too many experiments to even mention have indicated that morning and evening gaming sessions yield results that are much more positive when compared to afternoon time slots.
  • A favourable psychological state of being. Psychokinesis, especially, appears to be easily derailed by an unhappy and/or unbalanced psychological state of being. Researchers have long recognised that those with a prior conviction of winning appear to enjoy a startling advantage over those merely trying not to lose their entire bankroll in one evening. One might also refer to this conviction as “feeling lucky”.

Lucky Habits & Superstitions

Instead of having any desire to delve deep into the possibilities thought to be locked up in para-sciences such as ESP and Psychokinesis, many gamblers religiously follow certain superstitions they believe are effective at yielding favourable results.

Common gambling superstitious include:

  • Never count your money in plain sight. Counting your money on the casino table is considered such bad etiquette, that such a gesture is believed by many to attract only misfortune.
  • Never lend money to a fellow player. A significant number of players believe lending money to fellow players to be bad luck.
  • Red for good luck and prosperity. Asian players, especially, are firm believers in the colour red for bringing about good luck and good gambling fortune.