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Weirdest Casino Games In Gambling Industry

Casinos are all about entertaining their patrons every step of the way, which may lead to the development of some rather unusual games – some of which even make their way onto the casino floor. While some of these games are really entertaining, others are just plain weird.

Understanding HTML5 Casino Games And How They Work

When we load up a website on our browser, everything that gives that site its structure is known as HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language. This is basically a type of language that our browsers are able to understand when they receive a specific piece of data. The current and most modern iteration of HTML is […]

History of Evolution Gaming (now Evolution)

History of Evolution Gaming (now Evolution)

Evolution Gaming, now Evolution, was named the Online Casino Supplier of the Year at the 2020 Global Gaming Awards. This year, it looks like they are set to become the world’s leading live and online casino supplier. Let’s take a closer look at this dominating force in the casino industry:

Richest Casino Moguls

We all know that the end goal of any bet or gamble is to win big, and sometimes when we’re lucky, we do exactly that. Something that we tend to forget is that the entire world of gambling is built on a game of risk and reward. As with any business or start-up, entrepreneurs and […]

Marvellous Mice And Mega Rewards In Track and Field Mouse Slot

Track and Field Mouse, a cheeky, fun, 3 reel, 1 payline online slot from Microgaming, will take you to a track meeting where athletic mice are competing for first place on the podium. Don’t be fooled by the fun theme, though. This slot packs a punch with numerous special features, all packaged with great graphics […]

Lucky Superstitions And Casino Psychology

Although it would certainly take a special type of scientist to even begin to consider the validity of a superstition, most casino employees would agree that there are some occurrences so unusual that luck must have been at play. Scientists often explain these unusual events by arguing that every possible occurrence, no matter how unlikely, […]

Introduction To Online Blackjack Tournaments

Online Poker tournaments no longer need any introduction. By contrast, online Blackjack tournaments remain somewhat of an industry secret. For this reason, many online Blackjack enthusiasts aren’t even aware that these types of tourneys are available – let alone the basics of how to play in such a tournament.

Table Vs Video Poker – What’s The Difference?

When it comes to the game of poker, there are many differences between games, such as 5 card draw poker, vs jacks or better, or deuces wild. However, the fundamentals of the game are all the same – and that’s to have a hand that beats the others or meets the minimum payout requirements.